The City of Wolverhampton Woodturners meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.45pm for a 7pm start at Fallings Park Methodist Church and Community Centre, Wimborne Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 0NN.

Hands on evenings are arranged with our 3 lathes available so that members can show, discuss or ask advice on any turning related matter.

Meetings regularly feature visiting demonstrators, please see the annual schedule for our current programme. Visitors are always welcome and the first visit is FREE. Membership is £15 per year and £5 per visit.

2017 AGM at February Meeting

Friday, 7 April 2017

20 Club members were present for the meeting, and apologies were received form Andy Roberts, Steve Clegg and Brian Pierce.

Treasurers report

Cliff Hurley reported an increase in the club funds at the end of the year, mainly due to the no show of two professional demonstrators whose slots were covered by club members.

Cliff guided members trough the balance sheet and answered questions thereon. There was no need to change fees for the coming year and annual membership fees were now due. Cliff would be issuing new membership cards as members paid their dues.

Secretary’s report

Gerry Aston reviewed the increase in membership and the club meetings for the year outlining the professional demonstrations and thanking various members for their demonstration nights. Changes in room hire fees and the annual contract with the church were outlined.

The need for a club constitution was explained and recommended by the secretary.

A draft constitution had been circulated by email but not all members had seen a copy so further discussion on adopting a constitution was deferred to the May meeting when it would be discussed at an EGM. Printed copies of the draft constitution would be sent to those who had not yet received them.

It was decided to increase the club committee by adding 2 ordinary members in addition to Chair
Secretary and treasurer.

Committee Elections

The following members of the club executive committee were elected.
Chairman Jim Wotton Secretary Gerry Aston Treasurer Cliff Hurley 2 Ordinary members Chris Clay and Kim Harris


Club members proposed discussions on
a) Health and Safety
b) Induction for new members
c) possibly having a club Facebook page

After lengthy discussion about safety measures it was agreed to change the positioning of the layout for club lathes during “hands on“ nights and to look at providing screens for each lathe.

There was also a long discussion about ways of better inducting new members to support their experience and development in a variety of ways. Suggestions included a meet and greet/mentor system for new members, a club handbook with a range of information for beginners, suitable projects and competitions. The committee was to gather together a small group of interested members to produce proposals following the member’s discussions.

Discussion re Facebook were limited as many members were unfamiliar with uses and potential for club use.