The City of Wolverhampton Woodturners meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.45pm for a 7pm start at Fallings Park Methodist Church and Community Centre, Wimborne Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 0NN.

Hands on evenings are arranged with our 3 lathes available so that members can show, discuss or ask advice on any turning related matter.

Meetings regularly feature visiting demonstrators, please see the annual schedule for our current programme. Visitors are always welcome and the first visit is FREE. Membership is £15 per year and £5 per visit.

Hands on 8th May 2018

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Hands on 8th May 2018

The evening was set up for the three lathes to be used to give demonstrations and some tution on woodturning to new members.

The instructions and demonstration started with the most important item for all woodturning : SAFETY, it can easily overlooked by people new to woodturning its only natural to want to when you are intrested in woodturning, just to get started, but, it is important to get safety embeded into a hobby where machines are the main park of it.

The evening started well with the three lathes set up just before the members arrived.
Each lathe were under the control of an experianced woodturner who asked for some members of the club to join them for some tution on woodturning.

Lathe no:-1

Was set up by Steve Heeley who gave a demonstration of how to turn a bowel, ths was not just a visual demonstration but a member was shown and then given the tools to cut the bowel with Steve carefully watching and correcting how the turning was carried out.

 This encouraged members who were watching to have a go in their own workshop.
Comments from members afterwards included:- 
" it was good to how to see, close up, how to correctly hold the tools"
"How to safely mount the wood"

Lathe No:-2

 Was set up by Doug Rochester who gave hands on tution on coves and beads using a spindle gouge.
Doug first demonstrated the technique then handed the gouge to other members to turn the coves and beads. The members were under constant supervision and given verbal instructions as and when required.

Lathe no:-3 

Was set up by Angus Stuart who gave instruction on safety, gouges and skew chisels, after the talk on safety the difference between a roughing gouge and a spindle gouge was explained and examples shown, he the went on to how to use a roughing gouge to rough turn a spindle, members were then given the gouge and supervised as they started from centering a blank, going through a safety start up of the lathe to turning a parallel blank.
This was then followed up by descriptions of different skews along with members having a hands on to finish the blank to a smooth turned finish.

The evening went well with all members getting involved one way or another.